What are these “MagiPad” Sticky pads anyway?

SALTO International’s main business are shoes, fashion shoes and sandals for women in high quantities for wholesaler, shops and dealers. But recently we discovered another really cool item, that we think deserves more attention - the MagiPad. Is this just another ordinary sticky pad? Lets have a closer look

For sure you know the situation: You have your cell phone, your garage door opener, your parking card laying on the dashboard of the car. You make a turn and all your things are gone. Down on the floor or wherever.MagiPad holds your things in the car

Not only a very inconvenient situation because you have to find your things again but also a potentially dangerous situation because you get distracted.

Wouldn’t it be great if your things just stay where you put them before?

Another example - many people like to use the door of their fridge as “posting wall” and put things they like to remember or try not to forget. What options do they have? Well there are the magnets - but they cover parts of your picture or note. What if the door is not metal? Magnets won’t work! - Ah, there is always the good old sticky tape!
You want sticky tape on your prescription or your picture? Not really!

What about notes, pictures, VIP or member cards that you do not want to carry around but always ready grab when you need them?MagiPad holds your pictures on the fridge - Sticky Pad
What if they could just be ready for you to take from the mirror in the hallway? Or maybe you want to have them ready to take from the screen of your PC?
How would you manage that?

Have you ever been traveling on an airplane? For sure you have - the food on your tray table - sliding around you’re always at risk of your food ending on your lap.

What if there would be something that could hold these things in place just like magic? After you use it you can easy remove it without any stains? A thing that you can use over and over again? Wouldn’t that come in handy?MagiPad for your pictures on the wall

There is a solution for all these daily challenges of Life - MagiPad! No glue - no magnets - no pins !
Thanks to its microscopic suction cups in its surface it sticks on any smooth surface and is able to hold things pressed onto it.

Weight Test of MagiPad sticky padThe holding force is actually quite amazing - a pad with 120x100mm can hold a weight up to 1kg!

One would think now that it will be very difficult to get the things off this pad - on the contrary - the force works vertical, so removing the things is easy - just lift them off the pad - no force needed!

The same goes for the pad it self - simply peel it off - no stains, no glue residues!
Now you can use the pad somewhere else! Since the pad doesn’t need hazardous glues it can be used over and over again!
If the stickiness fades - simply wash the pad with warm water, let it dry and the magic returns and the pad is like new!

MagiPad is available in different colors and shapes - the latest is the MagiPad Set MPS-21, a really neat set of 21 pads in different sizes and colors.
The latest product - the MagiPad set

Check out more ideas of how MagiPad can be used on our website - advertising, MagiLetters for learning to spell and read, maths, Tangram puzzles and more - the application ideas are endless

Handmade Ornaments from SALTO International

It is said to increase your popularity on the web one needs continuous web presence, high page rankings on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo and regular updates about your site content.
I am ignoring for a moment the other important factors like SEO, SERP and all the other abbreviations of internet marketing.

To give people a better chance to find us and our products we have now also updated another section of our product range. Ornaments.
What are “ornaments”?
Lets have a look at Wikipedia - there it says
"An ornament is an object used for decoration.”
Most people think of ornaments as decoration for their Christmas tree - but think further. Any item in today’s fashion uses some kind of decoration or ornamentation. Be it the stylish buckle of your belt or, now coming to shoes, the shiny glittering decoration on a woman’s sandal.

Ornaments can be as simple as a ribbon or a strap on a shoe or gemstones and crystal decorated chains. Simple flower design or something more extravagant like - crystal covered seahorses.

Rhinestone Shoe ornament - Seahorse

If this style is a little to much for your shoe design - no problem at all we have many other designs available for you to choose from.
Different base materials and crystal styles or colors.

The best part of it - they are all handmade - each of them is unique made by hand. For molded styles we use nickle free plated zinc mixtures. Then we place one stone after the other until the masterpiece is finished.
Your think - wow this must be expensive then - no they are not.

Handmade Ornament

Imagine a high class fashion womens sandal - in shops you pay easy a few 100 Euro, depending on brand and style. Women know what I am talking about - these ” I must have them” shoes. What would they be without these stylish fashion accessories, the ornaments? Just a plain simple shoe - but with Handmade ornaments from SALTO International they become a unique Fashion item

SEO of Salto International’s Website

It took quite a while to figure out what the best way of a gentle “redesign” of our website should be. The feedback we received stated that was SALTO Internationals Website was cluttered and confusing.

Spent a lot of time on keyword research - a quite tedious job considering that some of the keywords for shoes or women shoes have more 65,000,000 hits as competition on google. So we took at different approach; looking for keywords that have more than 20,000 global searches but still as less as possible real competition.
We have used the Google Adwords tool to find these words.

In a second step after some more ranking and checking we have then grouped the products into 7 Main Categories:

All other ladies Fashion products, High Class promotional items and Learning Toys have been moved into the Specials section. They are still available but they are not the main focus any more. Still important but not number 1 priority.

All these activities should help our customer for easier more target orientated navigation on our Website. We know how value able your time is, so we do not want to waste your time browsing through window by window to find your perfect model for your Shoes wholesale or shop.

The work continues as we are always looking for the latest in Ladies Shoes fashion. That’s why we started our journey to attend the fashion week in Milan, Italy - The Shoe Event in the city of fashion. There we will check out the latest Fashion in women shoes for the next seasons which you will see first on SALTO Internationals Website, so be sure you check our site regular for the latest.

Preparing Salto International for 2011

When the Webiste of Salto International did go live in May 2010 it was quite a truly international event. The basic design idea came from Austria during Christmas break, additional input from China, the first design drafts came then from UK, the final design and programming was done in India. All these activities controlled and managed via email, skype and other “modern day IT gadgets”.
The result is what you can see at the moment. We tried all kind of different things to improve the website page ranking, some worked and some didn’t.We have added links and icons linking to blog sites and have set up the Salto Facebook page.

Over the past month we have collected a lot of feedback from customers and other visitors. All this feedback confirmed what we were already suspected. The page looks nice but it is also a little confusing. People are asking “what do you actually sell?” or “Are you a webshop?”. A lot of nice pictures on the front page but very little room for information for our customers - on one hand its looks like a catalog (which actually is not) and on the other hand it shows many many products.

So we decided to give the site a general “re-vamp”. The looks and the design will be the same but it have more information for the visitors, a news section with integrated blogging function and more.

We also use this blog to ask for your opinion. How can we do better? what would you change on the current site?


Salto International is a supplier for whole sale and shops and it specialized on all kind of shoes for women. This includes high heels, pumps, flats, women’s sandals, peep toes and many more styles and designs.
The customer can either select from our existing product line or submit their own designs for a factory quotation.
We offer different price and quality ranges, so each and every customer can find the right shoe for their business.
The styles are inspired from the latest Italian fashon shows in Milano and other italian fashion metropoles. We are regular visitors of fashion shows like MICAM in Milano Italy, GDS fair in Duesseldorf Germany or for example the Expo Riva Shoe

Please send us your feedback - how can we get better!


Congratulations - you have passed the first the - uplinking to the facebook account is working - the blogs are on Facebook page of Salto International

Linking tumblr to facebook page & other IT tricks

Nowadays everybody is talking about social networking, viral marketing, page linking stuff. Well I thought ok - if everybody can do this so easy, then for sure it’s no problem for me.
I thought - now struggling around since hours to get this blog automatically linked and updated on our Salto International’s Facebook page. Its said and described as soo easy but so far nothing happens. *grrr**

One doesn’t need to be a marketing expert or advertising guru to understand that you can have the best products and services in the world but if nobody can find you - you won’t make a dime. So - lets roll up the sleeves and get things public.

Lets show the world what SALTO International actually can offer. On first sight it may look like another sourcing/buying agent for women’s fashion shoes and sandals. But unlike many others we combine the best of two worlds. European background and regular access to the top shoe fashion shows in Italy to ensure our styles are the latest in fashion. And on the other hand extensive contacts to shoe manufacturer to ensure you get the best conditions and quality.

But that is not all - unlike other companies where you can only buy what they have, we offer our customer also the option of their own designs made by our manufacturer. Where else can you find that?

Salto International’s dedication to the beautiful things in life does not end with shoes only - no it extends also to clothing and knitwear. And in the near future also hand bags. Everything todays fashion women needs.

We are not an online shop, where you can buy super cheap single pairs of your favorites shoes - our strength is to supply wholesalers and dealers with larger quantities. This is where you can really benefit from our expertise.

Check our Website for the first inspiration and if you want to have a sneak peek for new products before the others can see them, then you should sign up on our Facebook page.

Coming back to the original topic and the auto update - lets give it another try and see if it works now. One thing is quite clear - it take some more time to get this perfect. It will eventually.

The new retail package of the MagiLetters characters set. Contains 40 characters 65mm in height. Perfect to learn how to write, spell or read. Easy on and easy off without glue or magnets.
Needless to say that all MagiPad products are 100% childproof, non toxic and of course FDA approved

Find more interesting products from our MagiPad range by clicking on the picture
Wonder if this image gets displayed now in ie8.

Fancy Womens Shoes and sandals for wholesaler & Dealers

Every woman loves latest fashion shoes and sandals – the more the better.

If you are a wholesaler or shop you need to have the latest fashion in shoes. Different Styles high heels, flats, sandals, pumps, peep toes or classic and sexy high heels.

Salto international is a supplier for wholesaler and shops that is specialized in this. Every year they visit the fashion fairs in Europe’s famous fashion cities in Italy, Milan where they check for the latest in Womens shoes and Womens shoes fashion. They come back with the latest fashion or lets say with next years fashion and show what will be hot the next season in womens shoes and sandals.

Salto International offers not only different styles of womens shoes but also different price levels – and this is where the bargain starts. You can have super sexy high heel sandals that sell in a shoes shop for almost 200 Euros for much lower prices. It is amazing how much profit is put on shoes. But if you are looking for more Budget class models they also have. We offer genuine leather, PU or other materials for a few dollars only. You can find some models in the 3-5 dollar class offered by Salto International – these womens shoes are then sold in retail stores for around 20 dollars.

Salto International your best choice for Womens shoes and sandals to supply your shop. Or buy in big quantities if you are a wholesaler. Check out our website for the latest models and styles – if you don’t want to buy then just enjoy the pictures – but we are sure you woll find something you like - let us know!

Visit Salto International’s Website for more exciting Womens shoes, Sandals and more

Don’t forget to visit the Facebook page of Salto International for the latest new products provided by SALTO International


Next Generation of Learning toys

I was browsing through the internet looking for Christmas gifts and other bargains, when I stumbled of this. Learning toys for reading and writing.

They are really cool and something different to what you knew before. They are letters, numbers and shape you can stick at any smooth surface and they stick there.
But they do not use any dangerous adhesives, glue or magnets. They use magic - well everybody knows there is no such thing as magic. In reality it’s using a law of physics that you can also find in the nature. Vacuum - like a Gekko these items, made of 100% safe silicone have thousands of microscopic small holes on their surface that act like a small vacuum sucker. This way you can place them on any smooth surface - they stick and can remove them very easy without leaving any stains.

And since they are not using any glue they can be used over and over again. If they are not sticky any more just rinse them with warm water, let them dry and they stick again like new.

Great to learn how to read, write or spell - your kids will love them. Made from the same materials they also offer smaller different shapes that can be used at home, office to hold your pictures, notes and much more.

MagiLetter and Magipads right now are only available in Europe but they told me US will come soon.
Just saw on Salto Internationals Facebook page the new retail package for the Magiletters (this is the name of the characters) looks really nice.

Visit Salto International Webiste Womens Shoes and Sandals for more.
Visit also the Facebook page of Salto International for the latest new products provided by SALTO International

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